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'Write the Docs' is a Conference for People Who Write Software Docs (Video)

Roblimo posted about a year ago | from the documentation-makes-software-more-usable dept.

Open Source 24

There is this guy, Eric Holscher, who has been doing FOSS development for quite a while. He's been on GitHub since 2008, and got involved in Gittip not long after it started in 2012. Not long after that, Eric started thinking about how open source software developers have all kinds of conferences and have many communities they can join and learn from each other, while those who write documentation, especially for FOSS, typically work all alone in a vacuum.

So why not have a conference for documentation writers (and developers who want to hook up with writers who can help them make high-quality docs)? Don't limit it to FOSS, but make sure that's the emphasis. Call the conference 'Write the Docs' and have the first conference in Portland, Oregon, in 2013. Which is exactly what Eric did. A year later, a second 'Write the Docs' conference is scheduled in Budapest (Hungary) at the end of March, and the next Portland conference is set for May 5.

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More docs (1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#46362737)

That's good for you.

Re:More docs (2)

Hsien-Ko (1090623) | about a year ago | (#46362763)

oh man

Re:More docs (1)

K. S. Kyosuke (729550) | about a year ago | (#46363311)

Unless docs are haram for you. ;-)

Not gonna read this (2)

us7892 (655683) | about a year ago | (#46362765)

I'm not going to read anything past the headline. Just like I don't read the documentation for anything...

Re:Not gonna read this (1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#46362843)

I don't know what you wrote because all I read was the subject.

Re:Not gonna read this (2)

msauve (701917) | about a year ago | (#46364319)

Well, this phrase...

and developers who want to hook up with writers who can help them make high-quality docs

kind of brings new meaning to RTFM.

I'm an old fart, but even I know that "hook up" doesn't nowadays mean what the author thinks it means.

Re:Not gonna read this (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#46364583)

I'm a developer and I've hooked up with writers and found it worthwhile.

However, honestly, I can't say I'm sure that higher quality docs resulted from it (although I can't discount that, maybe, a happy writer is a better writer which did therefore result in better documents).

documen tationspeci is a wast of $ (1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#46362933)

nobodyhere on /. needs and stupid doucmentgation specialkists! All porgrammers sort their salte are smart & skilled enough to wright great documenation in there code comments!

Paying technical wrighters to documend code is a giant waist of money!

Re:documen tationspeci is a wast of $ (1)

Zontar The Mindless (9002) | about a year ago | (#46365585)

Not so loud! I've house payments to make.

Irony (2)

Megahard (1053072) | about a year ago | (#46362957)

Is a conference for writing documentation advertised with a video.

Re: Irony (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#46363105)

Video is a form of documentation, you know.

Re: Irony (2)

grep -v '.*' * (780312) | about a year ago | (#46363257)

Video is a form of documentation, you know.

Yes! Yes! That's exactly why I watch so much pr0n, just for the documentation. And I sometimes have to study for hours just to understand all of the nuances of the control functions.

Oh, wait .....

Re: Irony (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#46363361)

Get lost, loser.

Re: Irony (1)

K. S. Kyosuke (729550) | about a year ago | (#46363425)

Get lost, losee

Here, fixed that for ya.

Not new (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#46362999)

There's a ton of these conferences already, though maybe not with the FOSS emphasis. Here's one [eiseverywhere.com] that's going on as we speak....and there's another every few weeks. There's a whole tech comm community if you're willing to go look for it.

how to get there? (2)

meeotch (524339) | about a year ago | (#46363241)

I was going to go, but there were no directions, so I posted to a couple of forums. I got two conflicting answers, and one guy who called me a dumbass for not knowing and suggested I start my own conference if I didn't like the one they were having.

Re:how to get there? (1)

bob_super (3391281) | about a year ago | (#46363727)

That's not hard to find, it will be in the only bar that can store enough Gin, and won't throw people out when they change every karaoke lyric with "RTFM".
The videos should be hilarious, in a cringe-worthy way.

stupid headline (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#46363379)

stupid headline is a comment by an anonymous coward who thinks the headline is stupid.

Wrong date, wrong YEAR! (2)

Omega Hacker (6676) | about a year ago | (#46363397)

The link for the Portland conference is very clearly for *last years* conference (see the pesky '2013' in the URL??). The correct link is:


It is being held on May 5th and 6th, of *2014*.

Re:Wrong date, wrong YEAR! (2)

Roblimo (357) | about a year ago | (#46363723)

Somehow an edit went awry. Thanks for noticing. Fixed.

Are there docs? (1)

Blaskowicz (634489) | about a year ago | (#46365301)

I'm looking for documentation about how to organize a conference about writing documentation, as well as docs that describe how such docs were created.

WTFM (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#46366399)

Shouldn't that be the title?

shouldn't docs be integrated/included in the... (1)

3seas (184403) | about a year ago | (#46366563)

....source code? i.e. http://abstractionphysics.net/... [abstractionphysics.net]

My experience last year (1)

Lois Patterson (3561115) | about a year ago | (#46393699)

Last year's conference had a mix of Python programmers (perhaps they predominated), technical writers with a strong technical focus (e.g., API documentation, developer documentation), and others (customer support, UI designers, etc.). I found it one of the most informative technical writing conferences I have attended. So I am going again this year without hesitation.
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