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Slashdot Readers Write The History Of The Future

timothy posted about 14 years ago | from the claire-did-the-world-just-reset? dept.

News 294

Happy New Year's! HAPPY NEW YEAR'S! The ball has dropped, the clock in your local bell tower has probably stopped ringing (at least, if you aren't too far west), and if you're getting a midnight kiss it had better take longer than a database refresh. In Europe, they've been enjoying the brighter breezes and fresher smells of the third millennium for hours! Now's your chance to ponder, predict and pontificate, or just leave a message for all posterity, at least until a big EMP pulse returns us to the days of carbon paper, cave-dwelling, etc. What will life be like ten years from now? 100? The next time people argue about which day is the true millennium turn? Will Larry Ellison release a new thin client in 2059? Who's right about the staying power of Microsoft: ESR? Or Bill Gates? Will my grandkids get a stern warning from the security guard for fooling around on the Space Elevator? What will everyday life be like? Be idealistic. Be cynical. Extrapolate from Scientific American, 2001 , or Spaceballs as you see fit. (And those still waiting for local midnight, feel free to post from your side of the space-time continuum, too.)

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Re:Spaceballs (1)

Useless (11387) | about 14 years ago | (#538663)

When will then be now?!?

Re:The problem with the Star Trek future. (1)

unitron (5733) | about 14 years ago | (#538666)

"The galaxy must be overrun by errant coffee cups!"

Now you know where all those flying saucers came from!

Slashdot Readers Write The History Of The Future (1)

unitron (5733) | about 14 years ago | (#538668)

We thought about writing the history of the past but that had already been done.

The future (1)

ChrisJones (23624) | about 14 years ago | (#538670)

Life will be just the same as it is now, but it'll have more flashing LEDs.

Re:Timeline (3)

Brian Kendig (1959) | about 14 years ago | (#538671)

2035: Genetic selection and manipulation having become widespread and intensely controversial by now, standards are finally signed into law to set limits on exactly what genetic traits are allowed to be detected and influenced in a developing human fetus.

2040: The last conventional automobiles are retired from service, having been gradually replaced by electric vehicles driven by computer.

2050: Cybernetics enters popular culture. A simple operation to add a small computer to your brain can dramatically enhance your math skills or your memory, allow you to mentally control other computer devices via radio waves, or let you communicate telepathically (via encrypted radio waves) with other people using the same device.

2080: Quantum-based matter transference is proven to work reliably, although it will be another twenty-five years before it is able to safely teleport humans.

The Future, As I See It (3)

adubey (82183) | about 14 years ago | (#538672)

In the start of 2001, we find that code with the worst millenium bugs in them also suffer from off-by-one bugs... damn should have kept my basement bunker supplies topped up.

By the end of 2001, the internet stock price bubble (which made paper millionaires of people with stupid, yet patentable, ideas) seems as funny, nay, funnier than the 17th century Dutch tulip price bubble (which made paper millionaries of people with... tulip bulbs).

In 2002, Osmada bin Labin nukes LA. No one notices. The world finally begins to appreciate French film.

In 2005, the press still refers to Linux as an "alternative, up-and-coming operating system." The latest home version of Windows, Windows Y'ALL, still has bugs... and a southern US accent.

In 2007, Silicon Valley goes bankrupt due to competition from cheap Indian labour. A year later, Pat Buchanan beats Jesse "The President" Venture in the US election claiming, "I told y'all so".

In 2010, there is peace in middle east, Angola and the Cong... whoops wrong time line.

In 2015, Europe beats drug lords the same way the Americans beat Al Capone's progeny.. by leagalizing all that crap.

On March 7, 2018, Mars is terraformed when Arnold Swchartzenegger finds the "ON" switch for the Martian atmosphere.

Between 2019 and 2025, true AI is developed. All AI programs consider the First Creation, ZIPPY THE PINHEAD, their God and Saviour.

On August 7, 2026 ZIPPY THE PINHEAD declears war on HUMANITY and CHUIWAWAS.

Later the same day, the CHUIWAWAS surrender. Without their most important ally, HUMANITY is forced to accept their reign of ZIPPY.

ZIPPY THE PINHEAD rules gloriously until the universe dies of energy death.

something different (1)

aftershave1 (100801) | about 14 years ago | (#538678)

how about food and shelter for everyone?

Happy GNU year! (1)

31337du0d (207612) | about 14 years ago | (#538679)

Phear the Penguin!

yay (1)

pla (258480) | about 14 years ago | (#538680)

we lived. bummer.

Hope for the coming millennium (2)

-=[ SYRiNX ]=- (79568) | about 14 years ago | (#538681)

There are many things that I hope to see in my lifetime, but that I fear will never come to fruition due to inherent faults in human nature. Still, I'll list some of them here in hope that some improbabilities may yet occur.

1: I hope to see humankind mature to the point that it no longer needs or wants organized religion or creationism. Individual spiritualism and personal religion are fine, but organized religion and creationism have been the largest setbacks to human development and the most wide-scale causes of human suffering in the history of humankind.

2: I hope to see humankind mature enough for people to stop trying to force their personal opinions (including religious beliefs and personal definitions of morality) onto everyone else, and instead mind their own business without feeling a need to take away everyone else's rights and freedoms.

3: I hope to see the United States (and in fact, all countries in the world) become a true democracy with choices made by the general population, rather than a representative republic biased in favor of corporations, the wealthy, and/or old white men.

4: I hope to see backwards and artificial notions of "land ownership" and "intellectual property" abolished, and to see land and creative ideas once again free and open and shared cooperatively and courteously by people. (We could take a few lessons from the native American indians here.)

5: I hope to see all people fairly compensated for their work by the economy. No one should have to struggle and wear themselves to the point of near-insanity just to be able to feed themselves or their children or to have an adequate place to live. Retail workers and burger flippers should be getting a lot more than the current minimum wage because they are a lot more valuable to society then the economy gives them credit for.

6: I hope to see the day when humankind first touches down on another planet within our solar system, and first discovers independently-evolved life (even if it's just microbes) on another planet.

7: I hope to see society's priorities change from money and productivity to people and quality of life.

Re:Auld Lang Sine (1)

Wog (58146) | about 14 years ago | (#538684)

What's this "friend" thing I keep on hearing about?

Re:Timeline (2)

mikethegeek (257172) | about 14 years ago | (#538686)

Mine. Pure conjecture. As for 3,000, I predict we will have had hyperdrive for 800+ years. Remember, we settled North America in far less time, with a LOT smaller population.

I don't mean that we will be on EVERY planet, but that humans will spread out in enough places to be the majority species of the Milky Way.

What I can't at all fathom is when a "galactic empire" will be founded, and when Earth will cease to be the capital.

Keep in mind that the Milky Way will collide with Andromeda far before Sol becomes a RG, so all bets are off after then.

Nuclear War (1)

4n0nYm0u5 C0w4rD (267967) | about 14 years ago | (#538687)

What do /. readers think of the possibility that in the next 5, 10, or 100 years there will be a nuclear war?

or how about the possibility of the US bombing Iraq out of existance?


Time travel (1)

Popocatepetl (267000) | about 14 years ago | (#538688)

I wonder if we will have time travel in a thousand years. If so, this time period (and possibly all time periods in our past) must really suck in comparison to not even be visited.

re: yay (2)

}{avoc (90632) | about 14 years ago | (#538689)

Oh, and who says your time zone is so high and mighty? eah?

Ethnocentrism (1)

LionMan (18384) | about 14 years ago | (#538698)

Hopefully, in the future, self-centerd religions won't proclaim their date system as the unversal standard, and, perhaps Timothy (who I of course respect and mean no offense to) will not use the term "third millenium," which, even if measured in earth years is wildly inaccurate. Or at least he will give a valid reference point, as in "the third millenium past the presumed birth year of the figure unquestioningly worshipped by a large portion of society."
Maybe there is a slight chance that there will be less ethnocentrism in the future.
Happy New Year, New Century, and New Millenium (past the presumed birth year of the figure unquestioningly worshipped by a large portion of society)!

2001 was not a vision for the future (1)

trolebus (234192) | about 14 years ago | (#538703)

2001 (book or movie) was not a prediction of what the world would be like in the year 2001 rather 2001 was a suitably advanced date that Clarke used to set his tale of the genisis of the universe. Anyone who is upset we don't have Pan Am flights to space is missing the point.

Happy (3)

Scarblac (122480) | about 14 years ago | (#538704)

Dunno why I'm posting this, but I had a great night. Before 12, lots of food and beer, and board games (you know, the ones you play with real life people without a computer - they're great fun). After 12, more alcohol, lots of dance, etc.

There's a girl I was slowly, secretly falling in love with although I thought she absolutely hated me, but we danced tonight, talked a little, although she was drunk and therefore she didn't want to say too much, we're absolutely friendly now and she at least thinks I'm "interesting" - this is already such a breath of fresh air that I've had a grin on my face most of this new year. Certainly better than expected, I'm going to sleep now, happy, I hope your new year's night was a good one as well :-).

First girl who tells me she doesn't want to express herself when drunk, she's too unsure of herself, but absolutely wants to discuss this over ICQ... it's a sick world we're going to, but at least it's one I can handle...

Anyways, hope you're enjoying yourself as well, have fun, my year had a pretty positive start...

Re:yay (1)

Kris.Felscher (228214) | about 14 years ago | (#538706)

I worship you, First Post of the Year!

Wait... First Post of the Millenium!!!!

Kris Felscher

Re:HNY (1)

Ashleigh (260287) | about 14 years ago | (#538708)

Well, in ozzie land, 5:12pm here in 010101, (mmmm, binary,.... 21, a coming of age in some cultures......and of course, the 21st century. Anybody else freaked out?) and, from the wisdom that can only come from one with an hour of sleep under their belt in the last 40 hours, i would like to offer the following thoughts:
1 happy new year, decade etc........
2 My one wish is that everyones resolutions be greater than 1280 x 720.

Rise of the Machines (1)

Hairy1 (180056) | about 14 years ago | (#538709)

1980 - People started playing games with Machines.
2020 - Machines started playing games with People.

Twenty years ago the first PCs were introduced to the Market. I remember in the 1980s feeling the potential of these new devices, while most adults thought computers were toys.

That said, Happy New Year Everyone!!

In 1989 I programmed and operated a BBS from home. At 300 baud we already had power to communicate in a new way. My attempt to gain commercial interest in the new medium failed however. But computers were no longer toys.

The year 2001 is here, and finally reality has caught up with my vision. Computers are no longer toys. Modems and dedicated high bandwidth links virtually every business on the planet. If anything my vision of a connected network is pale in comparision.

My vision - of twenty years from now is that Machines - not only todays computers, but the neural nets and ALife systems - will only continue to evolve. Not only will they continue to evolve, but the rate of their evolution will continue to increase.

By 2020 Machines will have surpassed even the greatest human intellectuals ability. These machines will not be like humans. They will be aliens. Ultimatly they will be used in every Corporation to make decisions at every level.

Those companies who insist on using human intellect for decision making will be outperformed by the companies run by machines. Humans will remain to rubber stamp the directives of Machines - perhaps.

In every industry people will be replaced by machines. You won't know if the person you talk to over the phone at your bank or ISP help desk is a person or a machine. The goods you buy will be all machine made. The media and communication systems will be mediated and controlled by machines.

Perhaps Governments may resist for a time, but ultimatly the politicians using machines to make decisions will win elections against those that hold out. We will be pets - if we are lucky.

Perhaps I am wrong in that maybe it will take 50 years - or 100. But at whatever rate machines improve one thing is certain - they won't stop. They will evolve, by either our human lust for the new and better - or by more direct self engineering. They will surplant humans because they will be intellectually superior not by a small margin, but by orders of magnitude.

Ten thosand years from now it will be the machines debating among theselves weather humans are/were 'intelligent'.

Re:Timeline (1)

Wog (58146) | about 14 years ago | (#538710)

"humans will spread out in enough places to be the majority species of the Milky Way."

That fails to take into account that if there *are* other species in our galaxy, the odds of us having the numerical majority are rather slim.

I sincerely hope you meant the "dominant" species, but even then - do you really think that us new kids are going to be able to militarily dominate species that could have been around for millenia?

Offtopic. (2)

arseonick (28913) | about 14 years ago | (#538711)

This just occurred to me for no particular reason... It is completely offtopic and I am sure I will be moderated as such. =)

Anyway, you know those mildly humorous "You Know You've Done (whatever) Too Much When..." things? I REALLY FUCKING HATE IT when people post shit like "You Know You Do (whatever) Too Much When You Post Something To A List About Doing (whatever) Too Much!"

EVERY SINGLE TIME, someone posts crap like this! It is NOT FUNNY!


Re:Happy New Year!!!! (1)

Merry Millenium! (300003) | about 14 years ago | (#538718)

All I can say is (1)

Zecho (206792) | about 14 years ago | (#538719)

the sex seems to be much better this year!

Re:I Hate New Years.. (5)

Chagrin (128939) | about 14 years ago | (#538722)

  • In fact, my female friends outweigh my male friends about 5 to 1

Perhaps you should start looking for thinner women.

Re:Instead of technology (1)

Tony-A (29931) | about 14 years ago | (#538725)

Right on.
Technology is simple. Human relationships are complicated.

Auld Lang Sine (1)

crashnbur (127738) | about 14 years ago | (#538756)

"Let all acquaintance be forgot...." What the hell? Forget your friends for the new year? What a load of crap! Enjoy your new year, be safe, and remember the people that are there for you and made you who you are and put you where you are! Ignore that stupid tradional song and enjoy life. And I'm off to play Super Mario World...

Re:HNY (1)

Rho17 (193893) | about 14 years ago | (#538757)

Hello from last year! I can say that for another hour, at least!

Whoa (1)

doog (5889) | about 14 years ago | (#538768)

In San Francisco, the center of the world by all reasonable counts we have 3 hours yet. The party has just begun... and in case you didn't know.. the west is the best. By FAR. And I've been around for sheezeee.. No place rules harder than this. But don't come... please no. Too many know already and itz gettin crowded. :) happy f-in new year. peace.

Re:Auld Lang Sine (1)

nobbis (99441) | about 14 years ago | (#538769)

It's 'lest', not 'let'.

best wishes to slashdotters (2)

shomon (42035) | about 14 years ago | (#538781)

For this new millenium, I wish for the world to keep being as colourful and varied as it has been. I don't think much will change in my lifetime though. A thousand years is a long time!

I would like to see my children not have to move around the world for universities, national service, work...

I would like us to be able to choose where we want to be, and how we want to live.

I would like a society that pushes culture, intelligence, fun, to develop and mingle.

I would like to continue to be amazed by technology, and to grow with it, putting it to the best use possible.

And I would like to wish you all to have great dreams, and work hard to carry them out. Especially this open source thing. It's more powerful than has been concieved so far, and it's not just a passing fad, but it's up to what we make of it.


What about ISS (1)

zavyman (32136) | about 14 years ago | (#538785)

There are a few people in space right now that experience the turn of the clock repeatedly as they circle the globe [nasa.gov] every 90 minutes. A toast to the astronauts that have the unique opportunity to demonstrate how far we have come over a millenium.

Happy New Millenium to all.

I Wish.. (1)

kiwicool2 (261989) | about 14 years ago | (#538788)

I wish for 2.4 final release
dump that in the bin with flying cars

My crystal ball. (1)

Rhinobird (151521) | about 14 years ago | (#538792)

Here in the Mile High City the ball hasn't quite dropped yet. But my crystal ball is showing me faster computers and more fuel efficient cars. Beyond that everything is fuzzy.


Re:Auld Lang Sine (1)

ShadowDragon (40886) | about 14 years ago | (#538795)


Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
Tho' they return with scars?

Of course... usually everyone is to drunk to remember the words 'humdumdumdumdumdumdum Should auld aquaintance be forgot for the sake of auld lang sine humdumdumdum' *hic*


Maybe Now... (1)

amccall (24406) | about 14 years ago | (#538799)

20th Century fox can change its name?

Spaceballs (3)

Kyobu (12511) | about 14 years ago | (#538802)

Wotta movie! Here's a little quote that may prove a prescient description of the next millenium:

Colonel Sandurz: Out of order? Fuck!
Dark Helmet: Even in the future nothing works!

Timeline (3)

mikethegeek (257172) | about 14 years ago | (#538810)

2020... We land on Mars
2030 ... First fusion drive invented.
2090... Human settlements on the Moon, Mars, Jovian and saturn moons.

2150... First attempt to travel to Alpha Centauri.

2160... Hyperdrive invented.

3000... Humans dominate galaxy.

3,000,000,000 Earth uninhabitable because of increase in solar luminosity.

5,000,000,000 All life on Earth dead because Sol is becoming a Red Giant.

Re:HNY (1)

Rho17 (193893) | about 14 years ago | (#538812)

I'm sending a message into the future! ahah! it is possible!

Instead of technology (5)

Fervent (178271) | about 14 years ago | (#538818)

How about actual peace and love for a change?

When does the Culture show up? (3)

localroger (258128) | about 14 years ago | (#538821)

All right, I know Iain Banks fills his stories with all the angst and aimlessness that would result from having pretty much whatever you want when you want it, but I still have to admit that if Sma's module landed in the back yard and she offered me a job, I'd accept without reading the fine print.

And if they aren't out there, then the first step in our making such a Culture for ourselves won't be cheap fusion power or ion drives, it will be strong AI. Humans need to be freed from the necessity of work; only then can the work we do be fulfilling instead of a constant reminder of our vulnerability.

Maybe by 2100...maybe...

Whew! it's over! (3)

jonfromspace (179394) | about 14 years ago | (#538827)

The Ball dropped, we are still here, all is good.Thank 2000 is over! If I see one more Auction/"E-biz" start-up get enough VC to fund several small wars and the worlds largest coke party, I am heading to a clock tower.Now that we've weeded out the flash in the pan .com ideas, let's take what we've learned and really take over the world.

um.. I done, you can stop reading...

Happy New Year!!!! (1)

GC (19160) | about 14 years ago | (#538829)


Moderators: Don't even think about it!

Binary Greetings (1)

GuNgA-DiN (17556) | about 14 years ago | (#538839)

Happy 010101 !

My predictions:

1) I'll be drunk... (oops! too late)
2) Slashdotters will bitch about more stuff
3) We'll still be looking towards the future

Re:Happy New Year (1)

techathead (201626) | about 14 years ago | (#538841)

I hope that every one here has a happy new year and millenium and that Apple may actually ship OSX and that 2.4 may ship and that these two may stand together and pull the world out of windows

Re:Auld Lang S(y)ne (2)

Guido del Confuso (80037) | about 14 years ago | (#538846)

You, my friend, should NOT be driving tonight. =-P

The lyrics in question are as follows:

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to min'?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And days o' lang syne?

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne,
We'll tak a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

Hmmm....How about a song. (1)

Rhinobird (151521) | about 14 years ago | (#538849)

Zager And Evans

In the year 2525, if man is still alive,
If woman can survive, they may find-

In the year 3535
Ain't gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lies.
Everything you think, do, and say
Is in the pill you took today.

In the year 4545
Ain't gonna need your teeth, won't need your eyes.
You won't find a thing to chew,
Nobody's gonna look at you.

In the year 5555
Your arms are hanging limp at your side,
You legs got nothing to do,
Some machine's doing that for you.

In the year 6565
Ain't gonna need no husband, won't need no wife.
You'll pick your sons, pick your daughters too
From the bottom of a long glass tube.

In the year 7510
If God's a-coming He ought to make it by then.
Maybe he'll look around himself and say,
"Guess it's time for the Judgement Day."

In the year 8510
God is gonna shake his mighty head.
He'll either say, "I'm pleased where man has been"
Or tear it down and start again. - Whoa-oh-oh

In the year 9595
I'm kinda wondering if man is gonna be alive;
He's taken everything this old Earth can give
And he ain't put back nothing.

Now it's been ten thousand years,
Man has cried a billion tears
For what he never knew.
Now man's reign is through.
But throught eternal night,
The twinkling of starlight,
So very far away,
Maybe it's only yesterday...

In the year 2525 (etc...)

no! (3)

Anonymous Coward | about 14 years ago | (#538850)

nanotechnology and teledildonics will replace the need for peace and love

oh man.. (3)

dwlemon (11672) | about 14 years ago | (#538852)

is 2001 always going to be so DARK outside??

Time Zones (1)

khog (146409) | about 14 years ago | (#538854)

The concept of -- in fact, the necessity for -- time zones is a tribute to human ingenuity. So when you say, "Hello from millenium later than you!" you should recognize why we have them; we have them because we have surpassed our natural boundaries and can travel at speeds relative to the revolution of the earth. To what will we travel relative to next? Our orbit? The sun's movement? The movement of light itself? Something as yet unimagined? Yes, but let's take it one step at a time, shall we?

Mike Greenberg

Re:Maybe Now... (1)

schechter (221706) | about 14 years ago | (#538856)

isn't it 30th Century Fox now? They're really giving themselves a big buffer so they won't have to change their name again anytime soon.

Hm (1)

mcb (5109) | about 14 years ago | (#538869)

Only for futurama last i checked..

As always, the future is People (3)

Mark Edwards (48) | about 14 years ago | (#538872)

One thing has never changed over time - the future always has been, is, and will be People.

For every visionary, there will be thousands of nay sayers, telling us that "IT" can't be done. For every project, for every hope, for every dream, there will be people putting blood, sweat and tears into every little detail.

For every hurt, for every hatred, for every catastrophe (may they all be few), there will be people affected.

Behind every new moment, there will be people. Some people will support everything that moment represents. Some people will oppose everything that moment represents. Some people will have mixed reactions to any given moment.

But above all, we need to rememember that each moment was created by People. No moment exists in a vacuum.

May all you People be blessed in the coming new Millennium.

Mark Edwards
Proof of Sanity Forged Upon Request

Larry Ellison in 2059? (1)

Anonymous Coward | about 14 years ago | (#538875)

Will Larry Ellison release a new thin client in 2059?

Err, I have a feeling the only thing Larry Ellison will be releasing in 2059 will be decomposed and nasty...

the new year (1)

Eidolon Tasverkana (257344) | about 14 years ago | (#538876)

This is the year that we piss off the aliens on Mars and find large monoliths on Jupiter, just you watch.

Also I predict in the near future the earth will be taken over by rapid squirrels

Happy New Year

EMP pulse? (1)

GuNgA-DiN (17556) | about 14 years ago | (#538879)

Is an "EMP pulse" similar to a "DIMM module"? Only in the dept. of redundancy dept. I suppose.

What about the end of the world? (1)

Radish03 (248960) | about 14 years ago | (#538886)

Isn't the world supposed to end sometime soon? Or is it just going to pick one of the 1000 years we have left in this millenium? Does it have to be at the start of it? After all, the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, where they predict that everything will go to hell and technology will turn on us. There are plenty of ways what we have now can do that. Nukes can go off, power grids can cease working, or something Matrix-esque where we develope an intelligent AI that turns on us. What a pessimitic vision of the future I have...

My prediction (3)

gunner800 (142959) | about 14 years ago | (#538891)

2001 will be very similar to 2000, except that everything will be slightly older.

My mom is not a Karma whore!

New Years Res... (1)

netowl (292435) | about 14 years ago | (#538896)

My new years resolutions are as follows...


2.Get in a FIRST POST!

3.Lay about thinking about getting in a FIRST POST!

4.Not making a FIRST POST but saying I did!

5.Forgetting my root login and being evilized by kppp for the rest of my life...

6.Whippin' up some peoples in Q3.

7.....Wait for 2002....

New Year without 3dfx (1)

TheWhiteOtaku (266508) | about 14 years ago | (#538905)

3dfx we hardly knew ye. *sniff* Now we have to spend the next millenium without the great card maker (and me without the $150 of stock I had in the doomed company.)

It's 2001 Where's my flying car? (3)

snack (71224) | about 14 years ago | (#538906)

Comeon guys, it's 2001! I want my flying cars!


25 years from now ... (4)

Somnus (46089) | about 14 years ago | (#538907)

  • The top-bracket federal tax rate will have risen to over 50%. Denmark will have a national inferiority crisis when it wonders how the US could have a more replete welfare state.
  • Despite all the tax revenue, the US space program will be stuck in Earth-orbit. On the other hand, we will all have handheld PDAs capable of playing Quake at nearly 1000fps with full-3D visor display output capability.
  • In a related development, the Quake13 engine will be licensed primarily by enterprising pornographers.
  • The Internet will become totally wireless except for the fattest connections.
  • Fusion will still not be viable, but gas and methanol fired power plants will become the norm.
  • Microsoft will have a plurality in OS market share. It would be a majority, but a new, unexpected competitor will have come to market.
  • Linux 5.0 will still be in pre-release testing.
  • My Linux box will still not have crashed once.

Merry Festivus!

*** Proven iconoclast, aspiring epicurean ***

My Predictions for the future (5)

Basalisk (215292) | about 14 years ago | (#538909)

I really don't think it makes any difference what I put in this.

All predictions are fictional, by the way

Later this year, the RIAA and the MPAA are going to merge, and become globalised, forming the American Entertainment Industry Association. This will probably mark the turning point in their fortunes. They'll try to restrict 'piracy' to the point where people say "I can't be bothered entering my 25-digit Entertainment Device User Identification Number every 5 minutes to watch Stupid Movie, I'll walk the dog Instead." People's apathy will be the most powerful weapon against restrictive copyright. It will also be the best weapon for it. People don't mind being in chains, as long as the don't have to do anything to keep out of trouble. People are strange sometimes.

Linux will have more gains, especially in server space, but Windows will remain the most used. Microsoft will announce Windows 2002. "With Innovative Features, Designed for the Internet" (meaning annoying-paperclip.microsoft.com) However it will probably need a subscription to avoid being crippled.

On a similar subject, KDE and Gnome are going to become either very interoperable that KDE apps == Gnome Apps, or a third contender will come from nowhere, and it will be very different i.e No panel, No desktop, something else.

Linux stocks will start to rise again, but not the giddy rollercoster of last year. They'll be viewed as a 'Microsoft Insurance Policy' If MS gets split up, you'll have your Linux stocks.

MacOS X will rock, despite initial misgivings by macheads, and steal some market from Windows, especially in schools, and people with young kids. (Why? "Daddy Daddy! I want This Computer, the one with the cute interface, That one over there looks boring!) and also the 'Creative' market (Artists, Writers, etc)

I also think Intel market share will be eroded by AMD. Intel will probably look towards memory technology. Maybe starting a memory speed war, instead of just memory size. (Trust me, the faster your memory, the faster your computer (generally))

Mozilla, will reach a point of usability on most of the web.

OpenFlash. Macromedia may announce they'll release an open source version of their player. (not the editor though)


Saddam (Iraq) will try to get involved with the Palestine/Israel conflict. GW will try to do a peace deal, but will fail. A non-world-leader will get the two sides talking. The conflict won't end, not anytime soon, but I reckon the key will be getting both sides to realise that the other side has a point, and to put aside all the bad blood up to this point.

There will be a hostage crisis in the bit of land that India and Pakistan both claim. There will be a few harsh words, and some missiles pointed at, but somebody will get them to see sense.

A 'Geek' will get bashed nearly dead by some classmates. There'll be a hoo-haa, media will actually be on the Geeks side, claiming massive intolerance at school. Jon Katz will get on TV. only 15 seconds though, so it won't be too boring :)

And either Linus Torvalds or Richard Stallman will get mentioned in the news for something other GNU/Linux, but that will be mentioned.

Silly Stuff

Richard Stallman will put Linux instead of GNU/Linux, but only once

Some solar system object will do something to another object

Sig11 will return to slashdot

Atlantis will rise from the sea

And some idiot will write a whole lot of predictions that took far to long to make up and are about as likely as said idiot getting $1bn in the mail from an anonymous sender, postmarked from Redmond. :)

Basalisk, the anti-Nostradamus

BTW I think you can guess what my real email addy is. If you can't, I do not want to make money fast.

Re:holy crap. year 2001: year of the lameness filt (1)

zetabytes (262292) | about 14 years ago | (#538911)

why post if you're bored of the topic... And I know you're probably sitting there hitting refresh seeing who responds to this.

Australia Turns 100 Today (1)

kimba (12893) | about 14 years ago | (#538912)

Actually, Australia came to be exactly 100 years ago today on January 1, 1901. Today is the Centenary of Federation [centenary.gov.au] and they are having celebrations all day.

Re:Instead of technology (1)

Apache (14188) | about 14 years ago | (#538914)

We're addressing that in the next patch.

Not new years here (1)

JasonKB (237788) | about 14 years ago | (#538915)

um a bit premature in ur posting...

here it is five past ten according to my kde2 fuzzy clock.


Re:HNY (1)

redbird (24548) | about 14 years ago | (#538916)

Damn, you suck. I wanted to be first post, but was too busy dropping a ball. Yeah, believe it or not I had something better to do than be FP on Slashdot.

Re:Instead of technology (2)

FFFish (7567) | about 14 years ago | (#538917)

Damn straight.

How about giving away 10% of your precious post-tax income?

Spending an evening in the soup kitchen at the end of the month?

Hugging your kids?

Doing something small every day to make the world a more human place to live?

Sorry, Perhaps I'm feeling just a little cynical, as we mark the beginning of another year of ethnic cleansing, starvation, homeless children and corrupt government.


Fun in the new year (1)

forkspoon (116573) | about 14 years ago | (#538918)

Sex, drugs, rock and roll..........linux, computer, music, porn, irc. Have fun. Travis forkspoon@hotmail.com

Re:But... (1)

Asterisk (16357) | about 14 years ago | (#538919)

Why would you want to "dump the queen?" If not for the British monarchy, your ancestors would likely have rotted in English jails, and Australia would today still be a largely desolate continent, populated only by a handful of people who would still have yet to emerge from the neolithic era. Why celebrate the past by severing your ties to it?

Re:But... (1)

SuperCujo (151089) | about 14 years ago | (#538920)

Australia, as a country, is 100 years old today. The USA is only 200 odd years old isn't it?

Today is the Centenary of Federation for Austrlia. So we got extra reason to celebrate... we shoulda dumped the queen by now but thats another story altogether...

Re:Timeline (1)

ectizen (128686) | about 14 years ago | (#538921)

dunno about 3000 bit - the galaxy's an awfully big place.
interesting (if brief) timeline though... yours, or the back of some sci-fi novel?


Re:But... (1)

SuperLiquidSex (233263) | about 14 years ago | (#538922)

Umm amercas only existed for like 224 sooo...

Re:End of Slashdot Stupidity? (1)

zetabytes (262292) | about 14 years ago | (#538923)

heh wtf?

Regardless of the past, present, or future... (1)

Maldon (15212) | about 14 years ago | (#538924)

I hope anyone looking for some good in anything finds it. Happy new year/millenium all.

Re:the ball has dropped (1)

zetabytes (262292) | about 14 years ago | (#538925)

undescended testicles is a real problem many americans face... I fortunately am not one of them. I would like to ask that kid they interviewed though...

I raise my glass (2)

Grant Elliott (132633) | about 14 years ago | (#538926)

I raise my glass to the sights and sounds of an era past. Man's triumphs and failures of the past 1000 years represent the work of a truly remarkable culture. May nothing stand between man's vision and its achievement. Godspeed.

Appropriately enough, Arthur C. Clarke said it best. "The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible."

1000 more years have come and gone- and still, man knows nothing.

first posie (1)

okmar (266773) | about 14 years ago | (#538927)

of the new frickin millenium for me! I don't care if this shit's off topic or not mod me all the hell you want! Happy New Year /. and friends!


I Hate New Years.. (5)

citizenc (60589) | about 14 years ago | (#538928)

.. and I'll tell you why. All it does is serve as a reminder, to me anyway, that I am alone. Not ALONE alone (I have my wonderful parents and friends, whom I love very much,) but rather I am alone in a relationship sense. I've had no less then 10 ICQ messages that include the phrase 'be sure to kiss someone on New Years.' Guess what? I have nobody.

It's not that I'm quasimodo-ugly; I've had people tell me that I am actually quite attractive. However, here's the catch -- women don't seem to be interested in me IN THAT WAY. They'd rather be my friend then my significant other. (In fact, my female friends outweigh my male friends about 5 to 1.) I'm nice, warm, caring -- exactly what these women are looking for (I'm generalising, of course, but this is what I've been told.) and yet they can't see the forest for the trees.

So, what will the New Year bring? The next 100 years? Women will bitch and complain to their best male friends that there are no decent guys around, and all men are assholes. They will whine that they can't find a decent guy to go out with. I have a message for you women who say that -- WE'RE RIGHT HERE -- we're the ones that you're complaining too. Give that geek who you're best friends with a chance -- we're great listeners, and have fantastic job prospects.


British Telecom has already written our future (3)

Tony Shepps (333) | about 14 years ago | (#538929)

Apparently we're all in the charge of this dude [bt.com] , a BT "Futurologist". The life he describes is incredibly bad, however...

So... (1)

/dev/urandom (167536) | about 14 years ago | (#538930)

How many of those Y2K patches are going to fail in years not ending in 0? :)

realistically (2)

MrRagu (212889) | about 14 years ago | (#538931)

There are alot of science fiction fantasies that people are expecting to become reality in the new century, eg warp speed and AI. And while I see us developing increasingly powerful supercomputers I don't see them gaining sentience -- ever. Similarly, as anyone who looked over this [nasa.gov] nasa website posted earlier today would agree that warp driven space travel is a long long way off. Honestly IMO the only major sci-fi topic that we've made significant progress on is genetics and cloning. We can clone mammals and we have the human genome in our reach. I have little doubt that genetically designing your children (ala Gattica) will be possible within 25 years. I say this knowing that my university (Princeton) is currently throwing the majority of its resources at genetic research over other important and cutting edge fields - including Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, EE, Materials Research and Computer Science. Genetics is where the money is going and where the results are happening. I've always found the genetics stories of science ficion to be the scariest, however. More and more I see that this is because the fears raised by those books and movies are closer and closer to becoming reality.

Now before you all jump on me for saing tat genetics is the only are where real progress has been made, let me say that I also agree that major progress has been made with the internet and that it has and will continue to change the world as it is more integrated into our lives. However I don't consider the internet to have been a fantastic dream of sci-fi come to life - I see it more as a foregone conclusion as soon as the first telegraph was built. Physics has had its time in the sun - biology is the cutting edge now.

What a waste it is to lose one's mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is.

Re:I Wish.. (1)

okmar (266773) | about 14 years ago | (#538932)

try the pre.17 holmes


too much bier (1)

cheeserd00d (87522) | about 14 years ago | (#538933)

i'm too damn drunk to think think about any of that stuff!

Here's where our descendents will be in 1000 years (4)

devphil (51341) | about 14 years ago | (#538934)

Sitting in front of a lousy stupid computer (keyboard+monitor, voice detector, telepathic CPU interface, whatever) while normal people go out and party because it's New Year's Eve.

You were talking about our people, i.e., nerds, right?

Perhaps this says it best (4)

Grant Elliott (132633) | about 14 years ago | (#538935)

"It is not my duty as a historian to predict the future, only to observe and interpret the past."
- Arthur C. Clarke / The City and the Stars (1953)

Re:realistically (1)

MrRagu (212889) | about 14 years ago | (#538936)

"jump on me for saing tat genetics is the only are where real progress has been made,"

Feel free to jump on me for not proof reading. ...stupid, flakey-ass eMachines keyboard at my parents house... It has an instant World Wide Web access button on it though. What will they think of next??

What a waste it is to lose one's mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is.

2001 (4)

nomadic (141991) | about 14 years ago | (#538937)

You know, out of all the possible futures devised by science fiction writers, I always liked Arthur C. Clarke's the best. He didn't portray utopias, but you got the sense that in the futures he created we had progressed as a species, scientifically and culturally. That's what I hope for the next hundred years; a progression, for us becoming a more mature society. We're not going to have a perfect world, but I'll be happy if we can just make it a better one than we have now.

Re:25 years from now ... (1)

AntiNorm (155641) | about 14 years ago | (#538938)

My Linux box will still not have crashed once.

But in 25 years, the hardware will be antiquated, thus rendering your system about as useful as one of these [fazed.net] . :P

Put your feet out and stop ... climb out and hang ...

Sustain... (1)

ijx (66809) | about 14 years ago | (#538939)

Right now, we are living in an age of unprecidented fortune. We live in a world of riches beyond compare, where life has extended to the point where humanity is free to express itself in so many forms (for better or worse).

No longer must people base their existance on the animals and vegetables they hunt and gather, but on the quality of life itself.

At least in some of the world.

I am not going to preach about the poverty of third world nations, nor of hunger in Ethiopia. I will not ask you to hug a tree, nor will I ask that you give up your beloved steak (though I have quite a few tofu dishes that I can recommend that won't leave you asking, "where's the chicken?").

I will, however, ask you to be selfish.

This world, this fragile little globe, hurtling through space, is finite. There is an absolute, albeit unknown amount of any given resource available to us.

As artists, engineers, entrepeneurs, and geeks of all flavors, we populate this wonderful world with our ideas, inventions, and constructs. The problems lie in our accountability. We create based on one of two impulses: apparent need (as determined either by the market or the requests of our peers), and our desires (money, recognition, chicks that dig linux, whatever).

Rarely do we stop to consider what we are doing on a global scale.

I consider IT to be the cornerstone of a new existance. A way for all people, regardless of all those self-imposed limiting factors like race, religion, nationality, and coolness, to communicate with each other.

One thing that must be considered, however, is the sustainability of all this. Just how much can we do by way of "progress" to actually create something that will last. What good is it to create a world-wide infrastructure, to empower people with the ability to publish to a world-wide web, to do anything, if it either ignores or worsens the sustainability of this planet.

Allow me to explain sustainability. To believe in, or to create anything which will aid in the continuing existance of human life on this planet.

If we ignore what we have as resources (which are, again, finite) then what matters what the future may hold?

If no one is left to view and appreciate our creations, what's the point?

We need to accept the general situation of this planet. There are too many mouths to feed properly under current conditions. Our planet is being ravaged by corporate interests that more often than not, are more interested in a quick buck than seeing their families and their employees' families make use of any of that wealth.

We can continue to make faster, better, l33t3r computers until we're blue in the face, or until we no longer have a supply of the heavy metals that compose them.

If we have no oxygen left, which the destruction of rain- and natural-growth-forests will inevitably lead to, then we have failed as a species.

This is the last thing I want, and I would give anything to stop this. My life, my very cool car, even my Xeon-based servers amount to nothing if my kids, and your kids, and your friends' kids, and their kids mean nothing if they aren't around to enjoy them.

As a planet, as a community, as a whatever, we need to band together to make sure that all our hard work is not thrown by the wayside, that it is not forgotten simply because we made sure that no one would be around to see it.

If we run out of resources, if we run out of enough Earth to allow humanity to continue, propogate properly, and see their children grow up, then what have we accomplished?

Then there will be no future to predict.

Re:But... (1)

SuperCujo (151089) | about 14 years ago | (#538940)

I disagree with the idea that someone can rule over a group of people just because they were born into a royal family. If the queen was elected by her subjects then I wouldnt be so quick to get rid of her and her family, but she isn't.

The french know how to treat aristocracy :)

Re:wacky christians (1)

unitron (5733) | about 14 years ago | (#538941)

I'm not sure about the exact year, but your CMOS chip will probably need it's own separate computer.

Re:What about the end of the world? (1)

cbwsdot (212913) | about 14 years ago | (#538942)

...or something Matrix-esque where we develope an intelligent AI that turns on us.

I'm still looking for an intelligent I.


Re:But... (1)

unitron (5733) | about 14 years ago | (#538944)

Wasn't it the British monarchy that used Australia *as* a jail? Kind of like they did with Georgia. (I may have stumbled on to an explanation of something here)

da not-so-distant future (1)

Kusanagi (108244) | about 14 years ago | (#538947)

in the not-so-distant future, there will be flying cars and quantum computers that fit in your pocket... and I'll still be making under minimum wage, so I'll continue to drive my '86 chevy and use my sub-GHz PC. Yet, somehow I'll still manage to afford an implant nano-cell-phone with unlimited minutes and no roaming charges. (and quite a sizable anime DVD collection, by then)

"Witness da power a' da otaku." -Toji, Evangelion manga

Grampa is a tad nuts... (5)

dasunt (249686) | about 14 years ago | (#538949)

Grampa started talking about computers the other day, like they were something to be proud of. He mentioned how he got his very first computer before the turn of the millenium, and how it was one of the fastest computers at the time, almost 1 Ghz. He's so embarressing. Didn't anyone in his day tell him about there first model T and how it actually managed to reach 20 mph and maybe go 500 miles without breaking down, all without no air conditioning or automatic pilot?

Then he went on about some free software thing named after a penguin or something. Something about people sharing code for programs and not having programming AIs, and how sharing is more ethical. Like I actually care. He should have been a hippy instead, at least that free love thing sounded interesting. He keeps doing this in front of company too, they are beginning to avoid him when he walks down the street, especially when he breaks out his old "industrial", "metal", and "punk" albums with all the funny names and really bad lyrics that go along with really bad music. Then he dares to call my music crap. How could he have ever been with the times if he doesn't understand the quality I listen to?

He's so weird. Maybe he should be in a home or something. He says "hello" and "good day" to the biobots, and I think I saw him try to tip one in the restraunt the other day. His year-old medical scans show no senility, but I wonder if they should test him again. He lectured me on the freedoms of paper money the other day when I asked him for a few bucks so I could watch a movie, I think he actually preferred the germ-covered greasy pieces of green paper that could be easily lost and even stolen in a physical act of violence! *Sigh* Can't he tell that the world today is a much safer place? He keeps ranting about how there used to be "organic" food when he was younger, and meat came from animals. Ewww. I would never eat a potatoe that grew in the dirt, and I would never eat another steak if I had to kill a cow. Anyways, I read a few books from around Grandpa's time, they usually sprayed their crops with nasty toxins to reduce disease, and most of their animals that they raised were stuffed in tiny stalls and fed corn, a dirty process, and much more wasteful, its more efficient to grow meat directly on the plant. But if you believe what grandpa says, it must have been the dark ages, no genetic engineering, and primitive medical science. Could you beleve that people could reach a clinic and then die? Or even be diagnosed with a "terminal" disease and live months, or even a year, before dying, without the doctors being able to do anything?

Speaking of doctors, grandpa still tells me that the occasional joint I smoke will drive me insane and then kill me. He is so paranoid, but I guess that's what happens if you grow up in a time of prohibition. He told me how "smokers" in his day often died of lung cancer. He just doesn't understand. Its THC, not nicotine. I know nicotine is dangerous, that's why they outlawed it years ago and replaced it with tobacco grown with a synnicotine gene. The cigarettes we smoke now are specially grown from genetically engineered plants that is gaurenteed not to harm us, and even if we did get cancer, its easily cured.

Grampa also doesn't like my pet miniature griffon. He keeps muttering how a dog or a cat is more real. Its times like these that I think he's one of those flat-earther nuts. Next thing you'll know, he'll start ranting about how humans aren't supposed to live on Mars, and how artificial wombs are wrong.

I think grandpa is turning into one of those old folks who will always live in the past. His house is full of books, he has old 2D videos, some in black and white (which makes them a classic, in his eyes), and even an old boxy thing that he says was a computer. I'm tempted to buy him a slide ruler for Christmas as a joke, but he'd probably add it to his collection. He found an old "video game console" called a "playstation2" the other week, and called all the local stores in town until he found one antique store that carried the equipment he needed to hook it up to his 2D set. Then he tried to get me to play the lame games with all the blocky, cheesy graphics. When I mentioned that any 1st grader could tell that a computer made the pictures, he told me that it was "top of the line" in his day.

At least he's happy hanging out at the local senior center all day, talking to the other old farts. Its good that he enjoys his life, after all, he's only 100, he easily could live for another 50 years.

timothy, what the heck are you doing still up? (3)

kcarnold (99900) | about 14 years ago | (#538951)

In the future:

  • Computers will continue to get faster and faster, and most of the general public will buy it, because the latest release of Microsoft Office requires loads of RAM and CPU for the 3D-rendered texture-mapped virtual reality paperclip. Or 3D-rendered badly-drawn cat, if you prefer.
  • Linux will succeed beyond all hopes and dreams (well, except this one <g>), then another, better operating system will overtake it. How something can be better than Linux's potential is beyond me at the moment, but let's not forget that it is not the future yet.
  • There will be stable Linux drivers for my Radeon (sorry, had to put that in there).
  • There will be no more wars, and everyone will have basic necessities... yeah right. Hope all you want, but we're only humans (AFAIK)
  • There will be a great technological advancement that will change world culture dramatically. Everyone will immediately say that they had been pondering that very idea twenty years ago. Too bad I can't put a finger on what it is.
  • Geeks will still be around, but their social status will change. No "suit" will ever care to admit how much of a role they play in the infrastructure they all come to rely on, but the line will continue to be blurred as the geeks take over a small sector of the world. Most of the general public won't care.
  • timothy will find lots more useful stories to post on Slashdot, but nobody will realize it, which is too bad because he's a cool person (he Slashdotted on my box once :)
  • Ken will add more to this list. Nevermind -- he'll probably forget he posted this by tomorrow morning.

That's all for now. Good night. And pretend that nothing happened, because besides from a few parties, nothing did.

Re:2001 (1)

Forager (144256) | about 14 years ago | (#538953)

"... you got the sense that in the futures he created we had progressed as a species, scientifically and culturally."

Yeah, for the latter it happens when we put all of that racial shit behind us (I got the impression that a lot of his casts are multinational) and start acting like human beings, and not african humans, caucasian humans, hispanic humans, oriental humans, etc. For the former it comes more when we realize that we do not so much invent and control technology as we do discover and harness it. His characters give his new tech a sort of reverence or awe that we don't exactly have a lot of today. Something, perhaps, we could all take into consideration ... Maybe the events of 2001 are a little too far away because he was too optimistic in his maturation of the society...


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